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2013 Chicago World of Wheels - Autorama

Date: Friday, March 1st
- Sunday, March 3rd, 2013
Where: Donald E. Stephans Convention Center
5555 North River Rd.
Rosemont, Illinois
Time: Friday
3:00pm - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 7:00pm
Registration: $50.00
Must Register by February 9th, 2013
Registration Form
General Admission: Adult

Children (6-12)

Children (5 & Under)
Contact Info:

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What to expect at Chicago World of Wheels

The Chicago Autorama, or World of Wheels, is one of the world’s biggest and most liked car shows. There will be plenty of cars that you that you have never seen before. Every year in the Autorama, there are new car designs that have never been thought of. This is truly one of the coolest cars shows, due to the fact that there will be all sorts of custom cars to look at. Make sure you clear your calendar for this year’s Chicago World of Wheels

The Cars at World of wheels

The cars are all customized, meaning, although they are from original cars, they have been pimped out to make some crazy things. For example there are all sorts of old cars that have been jacked up, added on, painted, and changed to make a truly new type of car. Because the show has been going for over 60 years, there have been plenty of new ideas for different car designs. Many of these cars have been changed so much, you can’t really tell what they originally were.

The show feature not only cars, but trucks as well as this show gets to remake some of the classic cars that we have all grown to love. Because this is a show car event, many of these cars have only been driven 10s of miles, most likely less than the majority of us walk in a few months. That means that these are truly kept in a pristine condition for your viewing pleasure.

Buying and Selling at Autorama

As there are with many of the car shows, not only can you look at the cars, you can both sell cars and car parts. Many of these spaces will be hosted by different car manufacturers that can tell you anything that you want to know about the car or car part that you might buy. Now if you want to support the Autorama show, you might consider buying from one of the different companies that sponsor Autorama. This will make sure that there is a next year’s event as well.

Now if you are a seller, there are plenty of spaces that will be open for your use. Many times you can sell your old parts even if they aren’t in a great shape. Make sure that you are ready to sell! Remember if you are looking to use one of the spaces, you need to know a few of the rules that are in place. There will be no selling of merchandise which means anything that isn’t a car part can’t be sold. You also need to take into account that the rental space is just the space, you bring all of your own gear and equipment.

Now for sure you are interested in cars. So make sure that you are ready for this year’s Chicago World of Wheels, otherwise known as the Autorama!