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Illinois Car Show Security

When heading out to the major car shows like the Chicago car show, Illinois Autorama car show, and PEAK Chicagoland National Illinois Good Guys car show you will likely see plenty of security. Some of the city based car shows have the advantage of using the local police department, other larger shows spend large amounts of money hiring private security, but what about smaller shows? While the large shows can afford several guards to protect the vehicles that stay overnight hiring enough security for the smaller shows can eat into the already limited budget. Without the security, not many classic car owners are going to want to leave their cars over night.

Video Event Security

One of the other ways to set up event security is to use visible deterrents like video cameras. This also has its problems with the need to provide adequate lighting for the cameras, power and cable runs going back to a central location where a guard can view the area can head out when needed. The setup, cable runs and equipment can make this as expensive or possible more expensive than hiring several guards.

If you have ever set up even a few video cameras along with the cable runs and equipment you can image how hard this would be to cover one or more large parking lots full of cars.

Video Surveillance Camera Trailers

Now, imagine pulling in a small self contained trailer, cranking up a cable to raise the camera platform up out of harm’s way and running a single power cable out to the trailer. Head back to your air conditioned office and watch multiple camera views with pan/tilt and zoom features all controlled from your laptop computer using an internet browser. Sound like something out of a science fiction show?

This new breed of IP video surveillance is already available. State of the art companies like Affordable CCTV have (mobile security units ) for rent that can be set up in minutes, and connected to an internet provider and viewable from an internet connected laptop computer. Some of the higher end models available have two pan/tilt/zoom cameras and two stationary cameras mounted on a pole high enough to easily scan over cars and trucks.

In addition to video cameras there are motion detectors, sirens and lamps to illuminate the area when needed. These mobile security units employ the latest DVR digital recording and wireless internet technology to allow you to control the cameras remotely and view the area with an internet browser.

One guard with one or two of these systems can easily watch over large parking areas ensuring early detection of any intruders. Even when the guard isn’t looking the onboard motion detectors and sirens provide an effective deterrent to anyone entering into the area.

Protecting your car show entrants has never been so easy or affordable.