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Top 5 Accessories for Street Performance in Illinois

The manufacturer built your ride with the general public in mind. Too bad, the general public wants quiet, fuel-sipping, pre-set commuter cars. You, on the other hand, want to tear up the streets with a ride that you tune your way. Thankfully, you have aftermarket performance accessories or “mods” to feed your hunger for horsepower. These parts bolt to your ride and undo the lack-luster performance built into it. Below is a list of the most popular mods that get your ride down the road, faster than ever.

Supercharger & Turbocharger Kits

Why not start with the biggest and baddest mod of them all? A supercharger bolts in place of the intake manifold on your ride’s motor and mechanically crams massive amounts of fresh air into the cylinders. And, as performance enthusiasts know, more air equals more horsepower. So much in fact that turbo and supercharger (Found at commonly adds over 100 horsepower to modded rides.

Cat-Back Exhaust

One of easiest ways to boost your ride’s horsepower is by venting spent exhaust gases out of the engine. A cat-back exhaust system does just that. It uses oversized tubing and large mufflers to add a moderate bump in horsepower and plenty of head-turning exhaust tone. These kits bolt on with basic hand tools in a few hours, instantly adding performance and giving your ride a throaty growl. Best of all, cat-back exhaust systems are environmentally friendly as they install after your ride’s emissions gear.

Cold Air Intakes

Give your ride’s motor a horsepower-generating breath of fresh air with a cold air intake. Your ride’s factory intake is designed to reduce engine noise but restricts precious air-flow in the process. Replacing the stock intake tube and filter with a better flowing cold air intake system, unlocks your ride’s hidden horsepower. And, cold air intakes come in different finishes that enhance any engine compartment.

Superchip Tuners

Teach your ride new performance tricks with a Superchips tuner. Most cars on the road feature a standard diagnostic port (OBDII) for checking engine codes, but that same port is also your ride’s gateway to extra horsepower. A Superchips tuner plugs into the OBDII port with no tools and reprograms your ride’s onboard computer with performance software. The result is instantaneous horsepower gains, improved throttle response and extra tuning capability.


All of the horsepower in the world won’t stop a fast ride. As speed increases, your ride’s stock braking system dangerously lags behind in stopping-power. That’s why you need to replace the stock braking system with high-performance components. Start with a combination of sport-oriented brake pads and slotted or drilled rotors for better street braking. And, for the serious performance enthusiasts and hardcore racers, only big brake kits with oversized rotors and custom brake calipers provide enough stopping power to handle their ultra-fast rides.

Most performance accessories install easily, increase horsepower and provide better braking capability, but some modifications have a down side. A good example is the additional sound produced from a cold air intake system, supercharger or performance exhaust system. While this is music to your ears at the track, extra drones, whistles, or whines become irritating on a long cruise. For that reason, it’s important to choose performance accessories that are suited to your ride’s intended use.